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Pesämaa family historic

Henrik Hautamäki, born 1846 is the person where Pesämaa –family is starting from. Nowadays there are little less than 2000 relatives. There have been triplets and as much as 21 twins born to the family. Henriks´ daughter Amalia and her husband Uriel got three twins.

You could describe Pesämaa relatives character like this: calm, social, good sense of humour, won´t calm down easily, when had lost his temper, cheerful, strong, hard-working, modest, stingy and economical and they sleep well. Men are usually black –haired, quite hairy, they got big eyebrows, long limbs, especially hands, when they get old, they start go bald. Women are black –haired and they got big eyebrows as well.


I Family meeting

First some information how this all started. Kalle Pesämaa got excited about starting to find out about his family. He found Sakari Pesämaa´s name and send him email and asked what he knew about Pesämaa family. Sakari send preliminary genealogy, what he had found. This was October 1998. Kalle got more and more information and in the beginning of the year 2001 they started to think first family meeting. That was at Oulu and at Sakari Pesämaa´s home in the summer 2001. There were about 10 people.


II Family meeting

Second meeting was at Ylivieska 21st of July 2002. There were 17 relatives meeting at this time. They all decided to carry on doing genealogy that Kalle Pesämaa had started. It was also decided that they would try to get stories and photos from the family as much as possible. Committee was selected to start to organize family festival. These following members were chosen to the committee Kalle Pesämaa, Sakari Pesämaa, Martti Mäki, Eini Raudaskoski, Matti Pesämaa, Erkki Rauhala, Eero Myllykangas and Pasi Sorvoja.

Chosen committee started working straight away. Kalle continued his genealogy and got it ready on the spring 2003. Family festival was chosen to be 10th of August 2003 at Ylivieska, Raudaskylä Opisto. As genealogy was in good shape on 2002, family book was decided to make.

I Family party

First family party was at Ylivieska 10th of August 2003. Before festival started, there was opportunity to visit Heikki Pesämaa´s home house Pesälä, where houses´ present owner Eero Myllykangas was present the houses´ history. Family festival started with meal at 11 a.m. There were many music performances by children and adults. Sakari Pesämaa welcomed all to enjoy family festival and Kalle Pesämaa told all about genealogy. There were about 210 people taking part to festival.

2. Ancestors

Family´s ancestor was solder Magnus Jacobsson Lindahl or Odmala. He was born around 1687 and died 1753 at Ylivieska. Magnus was taken to solder at 1711 and he participated to famous war expedition to Norway and he survived. He married with widow Wallborg Odmala and they got 8 children.

Magnus´s and Wallborg s youngest son Jacob was born 1736 at Ylivieska and he got married with Brita Padinki. They got 8 children as well. Jacob died 1792 at Ylivieska.

Jacob´s thirtly youngest son, also Jacob was born 1768 at Ylivieska. He was married with Susan Hannula 1790. They got 5 children. Susan died 1799 and Jacob was left alone. He found soon new wife Anna Löytynoja. They were married on February 1800. they moved to many places and in middle of 1800 they moved to Merijärvi, where Jacob died 1856. Jacob and Anna got 5 children. Youngest Henrik was born at Nivala 1809.

When Henrik´s parents moved to Pyhäjoki at 1811, they changed their last name from Palola to Karjaluoto. Henrik moved with his parent to Ylivieska 1817. Henrik started working as hired hand late 1830 at Rajaniemi house and married 1837 house´s daughter Beata. Henrik and Beata got 10 children. Anna was born 1837 and was later married with Johan Similä. Eva was born 1841, and died unmarried 1900. Jacob was born 1843, he got married 1870 with Lisa Ängeslevä. Jacob´s or Jaakko´s family still lives at Ylivieska. Jaakko died 1935. Mooses was born 1844, he moved to Haapajärvi and changed his last name from Hautamäki to Koskela. Mooses Koskela died 1920. Henrik or Heikki was born 1846. (Pesämaa family´s ancestor). Gustava was born 1848 but was died 1850. Matts or Matti Leander was born 1851, he movet 1873 to Haapajärvi, where his brother Mooses allready lived. David or Taavetti was born August 1853, but died 1857. Gustav or Kustaa was born 1856 but died 1868. Youngest son Tuomas was born 1860 but died 1868.

3. How Pesämaa name originated

Heikki started working as a hired hand to merchant Henrik Kangas. Story tells following: merchand Kangas has said to Heikki that as you have done your work very will, so you can choose place to live where ever you want. Heikki has been arrived with his fiancée Fredrika Juusontytär Kangas to place where presently is Pesälä house. Then bird had been flying from the ground and there had been birds nest on the ground. Heikki had said that from now on, my last name is Pesämaa.

Heikki´s and Fredrika´s first child Hilma was born 1869, she got later married with becoming president´s, Kyösti Kallio´s brother Erkki and they got 10 children. Hilma lived with her family at Ylivieska at Vähäkangas. She died 1945.

Antona was born 1870, but she died, when she was 3 years.

Emma was born 1872, she got married with Taneli Matinpoika Myllykangas, former Saari. They got 4 children. Emma died 1951.

Jaakko was born 1875 and got married with Amalia Kallio. They got 9 children. Jaakko died 1957. Jaakko was farmer and made also smith work.

Elisabet called Liisa was born 1877, and she got married with Josua Knuutila. Josua was miller. They got 10 children. Liisa and her family moved from Ylivieska to Alavieska 1921. Liisa, Josua and their youngest child Niilo moved from Alavieska to Kälviä 1937. Liisa died at Lohtaja 1950.

Eevert was born 1879, he got married with Amanda Rajaniemi at 1897. Eevert was farmer and constructer. Eevert and Amanda got 11 children. First they lived at Pesämaa house, but then built their own house, Koivukangas. Eevert died 1965.

Aliina was born 1881. Aliina got married with Joonas Murronperä. They got 5 children. Aliina died 1908 while after she got her youngest child. Joonas died 3 years later.

Heikki was born 1884. Heikki was married with Eeva Maria Sorvisto. Heikki and Eeva got 8 children. Heikki was farmer and constructer. They moved to Haapavesi 1909 and then to Oulainen 1917. Heikki died 1968.

Amalia was born 1886. Sh egot married with Uriel Sorvoja. They got 8 children, which includes three twins. Amalia died 1964.

Heikki´s wife Fredrika died 1905. Heikki was remarried with Agata Myllykangas at 1906 and he sold his part of Pesämaa house to Otto Pylväs. Heikki and Agata moved to Raudaskylä. There they got two children Sylvi and Sulo. Sylvi died 1917 and Agata 1918. Sulo got married with Irma Mikkonen at 1941 and they got 5 children. Sulo died 1974.